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Dancing Foxes Press is a Brooklyn-based independent publishing platform founded in 2012 by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schroeder. Projects are driven by content and collaboration. Our process—which values active and critical dialogues—focuses on the singularity of each project. Dancing Foxes Press is recognized for distinctive publications that are commissioned for their specificity and realized through editorial collaboration and hands-on production and craftsmanship. All aspects of the production process are considered part of the content, so that the form of the book ultimately carries the project’s message. A broad objective of our Press is to recognize social responsibility in publishing and present and affirm a range of cultural experiences and artistic practices.

The Foxes would like to thank the many individuals who have supported the Press since the beginning and whose ongoing support makes our work possible. Please join them by becoming a subscriber and support the Presses upcoming titles.

Special thanks to Sophia Larigakis and Victoria Nebolsin for their editorial support and to Joseph Logan for the logo. And thank you to Steven Newman and Claire McCloskey for generously contributing all their technical expertise and ideas to this website.

Dancing Foxes Press is a project of Allied Productions, Inc.

The Dancing Foxes

Karen Kelly is an editor and publisher based in Brooklyn. From 1989 to 2011, she directed the publication program and organized special programs at Dia Art Foundation, New York. In addition, she has held editorial positions at the literary journal Conjunctions and at the art journal Parkett.

Barbara Schroeder is an art historian and editor based in Brooklyn. Previously, she served as editor for Dia Art Foundation, the Austrian Broadcast Company, and the Kunsthalle Vienna.

Deirdre O’Dwyer is a Los Angeles–based independent editor who works with publishers and institutions internationally. She began her publishing career at W. W. Norton and Company and has since worked as editor at Dia Art Foundation and managing editor at the Fowler Museum at UCLA.