Jeanine Oleson: Conduct Matters @ LA Art Book Fair

Conduct Matters: Jeanine Oleson in conversation with Connie Butler, Jaleh Mansoor, and K-Sue Park @ the 2020 Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair

For LAABF 2020, Oleson had planned to present a performative talk to launch her book Conduct Matters, an extension of her 2017 exhibition and performances at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. In place of this live program, the artist, contributors, and publishers—Jeanine Oleson, Connie Butler, Jaleh Mansoor, K-Sue Park, Karen Kelly, and Barbara Schroeder—host a virtual conversation to discuss the use of materials, language, and ethics in the project and subsequent book.

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Jeanine Oleson: Conduct Matters @ The Kitchen

"Jeanine Oleson: Conduct Matters": A performance in collaboration with an ensemble cast (performers Beth Griffith, Lisa Reynolds, and Diwa Tamrong, alongside Oleson) as Kitchen broadcast

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Julia Christensen: Upgrade Available @ LACMA

Upgrade Available: Julia Christensen hosts a virtual panel with Aria Dean and Jessica Gambling

Julia Christensen hosts a virtual panel discussion on Upgrade Available. The multimedia presentation centers on how relentless “upgrade culture”—the perceived notion that one needs to constantly upgrade our electronics to remain relevant—fundamentally impacts our experience of time. Panelists include Aria Dean, editor and curator at Rhizome, and Jessica Gambling, LACMA archivist. Part of LACMA’s virtual Earth Day festivities, this event emphasizes the environmental focus of Christensen’s work, as well as the planetary science that her collaborators from JPL brought into her practice.

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Julia Christensen: Upgrade Available @ Fulcrum

Julia Christensen discusses with programmer Tom Hall and artist, researcher, and educator Laetitia Sonami what it means to engage the physical world in electronic music and art, with particular attention to Christensen’s "Tree of Life" project in context of Upgrade Available. 

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Upgrade Available: Julia Christensen explains the inspiration, encounters, and process of making this book

For LAABF 2020, Dancing Foxes Press planned to launch Upgrade Available by artist and writer Julia Christensen, whose work redefines the intersection of art, technology, and outer space. In this video, Christensen explains the inspiration, encounters, and process of making this new book. [Video footage from Upgrade Available: Live and Illustrated, produced by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art / Art + Tech Lab, April 2020].