PPI 1: We make the image in real time: a viewing log by Rhea Anastas

Pounds Per Image, no. 1, copublished with Pratt Photography Imprint in 2019
Edited by Shannon Ebner, Karen Kelly, Barbara Schroeder
Design by Chad Kloepfer
32 pages, 19 images, staple-bound, 9 ¾ x 6 ¾ inches
ISBN-13: 978-1-7336889-1-8


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“We make the image in real time: a viewing log” is a ranging and intimate essay about experience and viewership, focusing on the art of Beverly Buchanan, keyon gaskin, Richard Maxwell, Cameron Rowland, and Dinah Young.

“We make the image in real time: a viewing log,” is the first in the series PPI, edited by Shannon Ebner. In an age defined by the immaterial transmission and circulation of images, the Pounds Per Image (PPI) series makes research, scholarship, and practice the centerpiece of its gravity-bound mission. By commissioning artists, writers, curators, and other voices in the polyvocal field to produce original material about photography, PPI endeavors to make contributions to the discursive field beyond the walls of Pratt Institute. Six volumes, ranging in signature count from eight to thirty-two pages in response to each of the projects PPI supports, will be published over the course of six years, eventually bringing the page count to one full book.

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