PPI 4: Material Acknowledgement 1

Edited by Shannon Ebner, Karen Kelly, Barbara Schroeder
Design by Chad Kloepfer
32 pages, 16 images, staple-bound, 9 ¾ x 6 ¾ inches
ISBN: 978-1-954947-13-9


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Materials are derived from the land and inevitably return to it; the word landscape can speak to many things—to the landscape of social conditions, cultural conditions, ecological conditions, political conditions, and conditions of poetry. PPI #4, A Case Study in Environmental Learning registers various activities in spring 2023 that tasked Pratt Institute’s Photography Department to consider the material consequences of their work. Its companion, Issue #5: Input, Use, Stock, and Output, directs its inquiry to the world outside the department to explore and reimagine the impact and consequences of image production at large. 

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